12-Month of 1:1 Nutrition Counseling

12-Month of 1:1 Nutrition Counseling


This 12 month program is divided into two parts:


1. Transformation 

2. Maintenance


True transformation is only achieved when paired with maintenance. What good are results if only to be enjoyed for a short period of time before returning to your old ways?


Spend 12 months with Lora unraveling the unhealthy years of your life and finding strength in maintaining your results. It takes years to gain the weight and a relatively short time to lose it, but what happens when you aren’t capable of maintaining your loss? This program assures your relapses don't turn into a collapse. 


The first half of the program we focus on reaching your health and weight loss goal. We start with the fundamentals and then work on expanding your knowledge about food nutrition and overcoming any physical and/or emotional barriers.


The second half of the program is geared toward weight and behavior maintenance, reinforcing what you have learned each day. From the fundamentals we move into a higher level of habit change and work on increasing your self-efficacy to execute healthy nutrition for a lifetime. 



The program includes:


  • Two comprehensive online assessments
  • Monthly InBody Scans
  • The Function Nutrition Guide Book which provides you with key knowledge for weight loss, optimal health and lays out all fundamental nutrition information you need for a lifetime (written by Lora).
  • Monthly goal setting
  • Lifetime access to a supportive community via the Member Facebook group
  • 365 days of unlimited support via text, call and email
  • One 60 minute in-person program introduction session
  • 12, 45 min in-person or virtual follow-up sessions
  • A customized meal program:
    • Calculation and interpretation of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) 
    • Calorie and macronutrient requirements based on your lifestyle, goals, and health status 
    • Implementation of specific nutrition and lifestyle strategies for current health challenges (high blood sugar/cholesterol, weight management, lack of willpower, binge eating, lack of energy, poor sleep, depression, anxiety, etc.)
    • Macronutrient and food group education, including controversial food groups and how to incorporate for long-term success 
    • Optimal meal timing, meal frequency and meal structure 
    • Complete food lists with appropriate portion sizes and instructions for meal building 
    • Guidance and education on beverages, condiments, herbs and spices
    • Wegmans and Trader Joe's Grocery List 
    • Access to Lifetime Membership (weekly check ins and monthly focus meetings)