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Hi, I'm Lora.
Changing what you eat will change your life. My passion is helping others experience how fulfilling life can be on the other side of everything that's holding them back. In 2018, I started my private practice to provide people with personalized nutrition care in an all encompassing way. 
My experience working closely with hundreds of individuals lead me to an important discovery; knowledge itself does not change behavior. This is the knowledge-behavior gap (“I know what to do but I don’t do it”). The primary challenge my clients face is changing their habits. They struggle with consistency, getting rid of old behavior, and recycling toxic thoughts that limit their potential. My focus is on shifting behaviors by providing daily support, encouragement and education.  And ultimately closing the gap between knowing and doing.

Here's what you get.

customized Nutrition 
Food is medicine. The single biggest health problem we face globally is the metabolic disaster that has led to an epidemic of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other life threatening diseases. These are all preventable by eating the right foods. I'm committed to guiding you through not only a science based nutrition program, but one that makes most sense for you personally. 
My job is to hold you accountable to the commitments you make during the program. I am a constant reminder of what you set out to do and I'm here to call you out on your excuses so that we can make measurable progress. 


Confidence comes with training, this is why one of my main priorities is teaching you about food. Once you gain the knowledge and are able to use it in your daily life you will feel empowered to keep going. 

CREATING A healthier
mental space
You can go 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without breathing, but you can't even go 3 seconds without thinking. Why then, do we spend so little time and energy improving our mental health? It's important to address your mind along side your body as you seek to make meaningful change. This is why we work towards not only creating a healthier plate, but creating a healthier mental space too. 

We all need a push sometimes to get to the finish line. I aim to be your motivator and cheerleader. Fear of failing is the number one reason my clients are scared to start. Together, we tackle all the obstacles and fears you face in order to build the confidence and belief you have in yourself. Sometimes all you need is an encouraging word to stay in it.